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The Most and Least Safe Vehicle Models on the Road in Chicago

With so many options for car buyers in Chicago, it can be difficult to decide which vehicle is the safest. Luckily, many different agencies perform studies of the safest and least safe vehicles on the road. Buyers armed with such research can make informed decisions – decisions which may make the difference between life and...

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Truck Cameras Watch More Than The Road

Monitoring drivers may help prevent accidents The recent outcry for video monitoring of police on the job has led to other industries, such as trucking companies, to respond in kind to safety concerns. Truck accidents have been on the rise, and they are often fatal. Underride accidents, jackknifing, and rollover accidents are only three of...

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Injured airport employees often eligible for workers’ compensation

Injured airport employees often eligible for workers’ compensation Chicago workplace injury attorneys discuss how system works Chicago has two major airports – O’Hare International Airport and Midway International Airport. Millions of people use both airports every year. And every day, thousands of employees work at both facilities doing a wide range of jobs. Unfortunately, workers...

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Personal injuries on commercial airlines raise complex questions

Chicago personal injury lawyers explain passengers’ rights Airline injuries have been in the spotlight in recent months due to an infamous incident at Chicago O’Hare Internal Airport involving a passenger being dragged from United Airlines Flight 3411 for refusing to leave his seat to make room for airline employees. The passenger, Dr. David Dao, suffered...

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