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Back to School Safety Tips for Chicago Students and Parents

Back to school season can be an exciting time of year for Chicago families, but it can also be dangerous, as buses, school zone traffic, and high concentrations of inexperienced teen drivers combine to significantly increase the risk of car crash injuries. According to the National Safety Council, more children are hit by cars near...

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Maternal Death and Medical Malpractice

Although modern medicine has made great advances in care for unborn and newborn babies, in too many cases, their mothers are being left behind, with tragic results. As a recent ProPublica article reported, the United States has the highest maternal death rate in the developed world – and it’s getting worse even as other countries...

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Hospital Workers Most At Risk for Injuries in Illinois

People who work in hospitals, whether as medical providers, security or support staff, are there to protect others’ health. But for too many of those employees, their own health is put at risk. Zippia recently published study results showing that hospitals are actually the most dangerous workplaces in Illinois. According to the same study, hospitals...

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The Most and Least Safe Vehicle Models on the Road in Chicago

With so many options for car buyers in Chicago, it can be difficult to decide which vehicle is the safest. Luckily, many different agencies perform studies of the safest and least safe vehicles on the road. Buyers armed with such research can make informed decisions – decisions which may make the difference between life and...

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Truck Cameras Watch More Than The Road

Monitoring drivers may help prevent accidents The recent outcry for video monitoring of police on the job has led to other industries, such as trucking companies, to respond in kind to safety concerns. Truck accidents have been on the rise, and they are often fatal. Underride accidents, jackknifing, and rollover accidents are only three of...

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