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61 Chicago fire deaths tied to negligent property owners

The owners of apartment buildings have a responsibility to keep their premises safe for tenants. But an investigation has found that during a 5-year period, the failure of property owners to meet this responsibility and a lack of follow-up by the city resulted in 61 apartment fire deaths. An investigation by the Better Government Association...

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Medical Malpractice in Chicago and the Rising Rates of Hospital Error

Individuals seeking care at a hospital for themselves or for family members have likely heard frightening statistics about hospital mistakes that lead to death. The most widely quoted number of deaths due to medical errors comes from a 1999 Institute of Medicine report estimating that 98,000 people die annually due to preventable medical errors. New...

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Chicago Birth Injuries: Oversized Babies Pose Higher Risks

Malpractice lawyers in Chicago know that birth injuries are among the most devastating types of injuries that can occur. Birth injuries generally have two primary causes: hypoxia (deprivation of oxygen) or trauma. Unfortunately, the larger a baby is, the more likely it is that the baby and mother will be harmed during the labor process. As...

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Deck Collapse in Chicago Suburb Injures 14

According to, a birthday party held towards the end of July turned tragic when the deck on the home collapsed. The home was located in south suburban Tinley Park along Beverly Avenue. Adults and children were both on the deck at the time of the collapse, which occurred at around 9:15 p.m. There were...

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