How to Read Your Illinois Traffic Crash Report

It’s common for people in accidents to have more questions than answers after a car accident. Our clients tell us they want to know exactly what the investigating officer reported about their accident.

For your convenience, Coplan & Crane has compiled a list of what to look for on your Illinois Traffic Crash Report.

Local law enforcement officials and Illinois State Police are legally required to file detailed paperwork for every accident scene and accident victim involved in a car crash. Carefully review the information below. If you have questions about your report, contact the Chicago IL personal injury lawyers at Coplan & Crane as soon as possible. Call 800-394-6002 for a free case evaluation with one of our experienced Chicago car accident attorneys.

Reading Your Illinois Traffic Crash Report

Contact Coplan & Crane today with any questions you may have about your accident report. We will be happy to help you interpret exactly what the report says free of charge. Call 800-394-6002.