Airplane & Boating Accident Lawyers

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Chicago is home to two of the country’s busiest airports: Chicago O’Hare International Airport and Chicago-Midway Airport. Tens of millions of people use these airports every year, and the vast majority of them do so without injury. Unfortunately, accidents happen, often when you least expect it.

People can be injured in slip and fall accidents in an airport, resulting in a head, neck or spinal cord injury. Many other personal injury cases are common as well, given the sheer size and number of people using facilities like Midway and O’Hare every day. Then there’s the risk of an actual airplane accident or another serious accident that might cause dozens of injuries or fatalities.

airplane and boating accident injury lawyers

Illinois Residents Rely On Chicago Airplane Accident Lawyers At Coplan & Crane

At Coplan & Crane, we handle all types of personal injury cases involving airplane accidents in Chicago and throughout Illinois. Based in Oak Park, airplane accident lawyers Coplan & Crane can work with you to make sure your rights are protected after an accident. Dealing with airline carriers can be complicated enough under normal circumstances. We can cut through the red tape and make sure you get the compensation you’re entitled to receive after an accident. In particular, we can help your family if you need guidance with a wrongful death lawsuit.

Boating accidents in Illinois Often Lead to Complicated Cases

Many Chicago-area residents spend time boating on Lake Michigan. Unfortunately, boating accidents can happen here easily, especially as more people take up boating. Inexperienced people operating boats – or operators who are drunk – often cause accidents. Then again, boating accidents can also involve even the most seasoned captains, including the operators of cruise lines, ferries, commercial vessels and other large ships.

If you’ve been injured in a boating accident in Illinois or on Lake Michigan, contact Coplan & Crane. Based in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park, we work tirelessly for people who sustain serious injuries in boating accidents. We handle Jones Act cases for maritime workers injured on the job. We handle slip and fall accidents involving people who get hurt on a boat or a dock. We also represent families dealing with the drowning of a loved one. If someone you love died in a boating accident, you may have grounds for a wrongful death case.

Boating accidents are unlike any other accidents. If you’ve been involved in a boating accident, the first thing you should do is seek immediate medical attention if someone is seriously injured. Such accidents then usually need to be reported to local law enforcement, the U.S. Coast Guard or both. You especially need to contact the police if you believe the person who caused your boating accident was engaged in criminal activity or operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs.