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SUVs a Deadly Pedestrian Accident Risk in Chicago

NBC News is reporting that the number of pedestrians killed by SUVs has nearly doubled in the last decade. In recent years the number of traffic deaths has increased overall, reversing a long decline seen during the economic downturn. Pedestrian deaths have reached record numbers and now new information from the Insurance Institute for Highway...

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Burn Injuries Can Be More Severe Than You Think

When we think of injuries caused by the negligence of others, we rarely think of burn injuries. But these injuries can be far worse than that painful feeling you get when you accidentally touch a hot stove. A burn injury can require a hospital visit, and in some cases, may even result in life-long complications,...

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Chicago’s Deadliest Roads for Bicyclists

If you like to ride a bicycle on the streets of Chicago, you might want to avoid Milwaukee Avenue between North Avenue and Division Street. The road is the most dangerous in the city for bicyclists. One bicyclist can attest to this; Bucktown resident Mark Casey, 41. He suffered a shattered collarbone when he was...

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A World Without Auto Accident Fatalities

The Road to Zero coalition, an extension of the National Safety Council, is an organization with one goal in mind: to achieve zero road accident fatalities by 2050. In order to make this happen, law enforcement, legislators, auto manufactures and all others who play a part in our road safety must work together. So far,...

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Chicago Road Rage Causes Injuries

Most Chicago drivers are familiar with road rage. Heavy traffic - both downtown and in the suburbs of Chicagoland - can lead to hot tempers. Honking, tailgating, yelling, obscene gestures, and other behaviors may seem innocuous, but the reality is that they can lead to car accidents that seriously injure innocent victims. Victims who are...

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