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Illinois Law Firm Explains How to Obey Right-of-Way Laws

The concept of right-of-way can be complicated but using common sense and obeying traffic laws can mean the difference between life, death and serious injury. Basically, laws spell out when the right-of-way must be yielded, according to A driver who arrives first at an intersection regulated by a stop sign has the right-of-way in...

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Hit-and-run crashes on the rise in Chicago

It’s a disturbing trend that has recently become a growing safety concern: hit-and-run crashes. Despite Illinois law, many drivers in our state are willing to risk jail time and potential fines in order to avoid the consequences of causing a crash. Chicago had 46 hit-and-run crashes in 2018 that resulted in either fatalities or life-long,...

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Chicago Streets Dangerous for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Chicago has been touted one of the most “walkable” cities in the United States by a slew of sources, including List25. The conveniently-located amenities and accessible walkways has helped to make the city pedestrian-friendly. Many residents and visitors who get around by foot put their lives on the line when approaching dangerous intersections and crosswalks,...

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Should You Drink and Drive on St. Patrick’s Day? Probably Not the Best Idea

In America, Saint Patrick’s Day is usually celebrated by drinking. If this is done safely and legally, the holiday can be an enjoyable event that brings friends together. Problems arise when people decide to take actions they should avoid, like drinking and driving. Despite safety campaigns, drunk driving still a commonplace problem Scram Systems, provider...

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