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Chicago Road Rage Causes Injuries

Most Chicago drivers are familiar with road rage. Heavy traffic - both downtown and in the suburbs of Chicagoland - can lead to hot tempers. Honking, tailgating, yelling, obscene gestures, and other behaviors may seem innocuous, but the reality is that they can lead to car accidents that seriously injure innocent victims. Victims who are...

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Driving Improvement Tips for Chicago Drivers

Driving is a highly cognitive task that requires the constant processing of ever-changing information. Circumstances can change rapidly and drivers must respond instantly. Regardless of how long you have been driving, it is important to keep your driving skills sharp and be prepared for any challenge you might face on the roadway. Drivers who make...

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Basic Safety Precautions That Can Reduce The Risk of Chicago Truck Accidents

When it comes to avoiding accidents caused by truck drivers, safety advocates are getting back to the basics. Commercial truck accidents in Chicago are a real threat to all motorists on the road. USA Today recently reported that companies were offering bonuses of up to $8,000 for commercial truck drivers. The American Trucking Association contends...

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High Cost of Chicago DUI Accidents

With spring break followed closely by high school and college graduation, preventing drunk driving accidents will be a heavy focus for law enforcement and safety advocates. Illinois drunk driving accidents are among the most complex and devastating cases a Chicago injury law firm can handle. While liability may be clear, in many cases, injury and...

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Estimates Show Vehicle Fatalities are over 40,000 for the Second Straight Year

The roadways of Chicago have become increasingly more hazardous in recent years. Distracted driving and drugged driving are among the leading causes behind fatal accidents. Statistics show a rise in traffic fatalities Based on early data analysis, the National Safety CouncilĀ (NSC) reports that vehicle deaths reached just over 40,000 for the second year in a...

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