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Our Attorneys Reveal Who is to Blame for a Wheel Runoff Accident

It’s easy for the average layperson to dismiss a wheel runoff accident in Oak Park, Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois as the result of normal wear and tear. Mechanical breakdowns occur over time, right?  The experts at know better. They know wheel runoff accidents “are primarily caused by the improper installation of a wheel that causes...

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Truck Safety Technology Reliance and Accident Risks: Chicago Attorneys Discuss

The trucking industry is gradually introducing safety technology previously unimagined. In fact, new safety features are coming standard in many newly-manufactured fleets. These safety features are designed with one thing in mind: preventing serious and fatal accidents. They include:   Lane-departure warning systems: This feature detects when drivers veer out of their lane or off the road and sounds an alarm. ...

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Chicago Attorneys Discuss the Dangers of Multitasking While Driving

Some otherwise responsible drivers may engage in some form of distracted driving. They may believe that a distracted driving crash can’t happen to them. Or that multitasking is perfectly safe to do. They may:  Use handheld devices while stopped at a red light  Make phone calls while driving  Drink coffee or eat  However, when drivers take...

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