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Identifying and avoiding reckless drivers

A reckless driver is someone who fails to use reasonable caution while operating a car. At some point, we all have had to share the road with drivers like this. When a crash occurs due to recklessness, it's no accident or careless mistake. That's because drivers who engage in reckless behavior make the conscious decision...

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Chicago pedestrians endangered by large trucks

Traffic collisions involving pedestrians are a growing problem across the United States. Pedestrian deaths reached a 30-year high in 2019. That's despite the number of vehicular crashes and fatalities going down. Cars pose enough of a danger to pedestrians. That's because pedestrians don't have the same protection as drivers (seatbelts and airbags). They are more...

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AAA study: Advanced driving assistance systems can interfere with driving

Drivers who have recently purchased new cars that are fully loaded with the latest advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) shouldn't get too comfortable with them, according to a recent AAA study. ADAS technology often includes autonomous and semi-autonomous features that are intended to reduce crashes caused by human error. These systems may include: Adaptive cruise...

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Tips on how to prevent drowsy driving

Everyone has experienced drowsiness while driving. Many people assume that they can hold out just a little longer to reach their destinations, despite the heavy eyelids and struggle to stay alert. Making this assumption can be dangerous, since we don't choose when to fall asleep. Changing Lanes is a BMW podcast that touches upon critical...

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