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Helping Older Drivers Prevent Accidents

Some older people need to limit or give up driving because of fatigue and poor physical health. They may not react to emergencies on the road as fast as they did when they were younger and may pose a danger to themselves and others. New research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety finds that...

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Chicago attorneys explain why it’s not OK to drive high

Driving under the influence of any substance – including marijuana – is illegal in Illinois, but some users think it’s OK to drive high. This could become a bigger problem now that Illinois allows medical marijuana and could potentially legalize recreational pot for adults this year. Police officers need more training, according to law enforcement...

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Illinois Law Firm Offers Best Ideas to Avoid Lawnmower Accidents

It’s that time of year when many Chicago-area residents must take out the lawnmower and cut their grass regularly. We rely on functional lawnmowers to get the job done, and usually, they do, but what happens when a lawnmower malfunctions? Lawnmowers can have mechanical defects, even when purchased brand new. These defects often result in...

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Illinois Law Firm Explains How to Obey Right-of-Way Laws

The concept of right-of-way can be complicated but using common sense and obeying traffic laws can mean the difference between life, death and serious injury. Basically, laws spell out when the right-of-way must be yielded, according to A driver who arrives first at an intersection regulated by a stop sign has the right-of-way in...

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