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What Evidence is Used in a Negligent Security Lawsuit?

April 2, 2024

If you suffered serious injuries in a fall, assault, or other incident resulting from poor security measures at a business or other venue, it is important to understand what evidence is used in a negligent security lawsuit. Serious injuries can lead to substantial financial and non-financial costs, and you may be entitled to compensation for these costs under Illinois law.

The experienced attorneys at Coplan + Crane have extensive experience handling negligent security lawsuits. We understand the hardships you may be facing and we are committed to helping you recover compensation for your physical, financial, and emotional losses. 

Evidence that the Property Owner or Tenant Provided Negligent Security 

When you hire a lawyer, one of your lawyer’s first steps will be to conduct a thorough investigation. The purpose of this investigation is to gather any available evidence of liability before it disappears. 

Filing a successful negligent security lawsuit requires proof that the owner or tenant of the business or venue failed to do what was necessary to protect you. Security failures can take many forms, from failing to install adequate locks or lighting to failing to hire competent security guards or install adequate security fencing. Depending on the circumstances of your case, various forms of evidence may be available to prove the owner’s or tenant’s negligence. For example, common types of evidence used in negligent security lawsuits include:

  • Security Camera Footage – If the incident was captured by a security camera, the footage of the incident will likely be key evidence in your negligent security lawsuit. 
  • Lack of Security Cameras – Failing to install security cameras in parking facilities, at ATMs, and in other high-risk areas can itself serve as evidence of negligent security in some cases. 
  • Eyewitness Testimony – If anyone witnessed the incident, your lawyer may be able to use the witness’s testimony to help explain what happened and illustrate that the business’s or venue’s security was inadequate. 
  • Cell Phone Photos or Videos – If anyone captured the incident with their cell phone, or if you took photos or videos before or after the incident, these photos and videos could be key evidence in your negligent security lawsuit as well. 
  • Business Records – After filing your lawsuit, your lawyer will be able to obtain any relevant records from the business or venue. Emails, maintenance records, employment records, and various other types of documents may all be available to help prove that the property owner or tenant knew (or should have known) that its security measures were inadequate. 

As a victim, any information that you are able to share with your lawyer will be extremely helpful as well. With this in mind, before your free initial consultation, you should take some time to write down everything you remember. What exactly happened? Why do you believe that the business’s or venue’s security efforts were negligent? Were there any witnesses? The more details you can write down to discuss with your lawyer, the better.

Evidence of the Financial and Non-Financial Costs of Your Injuries

Along with evidence that the property owner or tenant was negligent, pursuing a successful negligent security lawsuit also requires evidence of your losses resulting from the incident. As a result, while it is important to quickly hire a lawyer to collect any available evidence of liability before it disappears, it is equally important to make sure that you are prioritizing your medical needs and documenting the financial and non-financial costs of your injuries. 

Some examples of the types of evidence your lawyer may be able to use to prove the costs of your injuries during your negligent security lawsuit include:

  • Medical Records – Provided that you sought treatment promptly, your medical records should serve as documentation of your past, present, and future medical needs resulting from the incident. 
  • Medical Bills and Insurance Letters – Your medical bills and any letters or other documentation you receive from your health insurance company (if you have coverage) will also be helpful for documenting your out-of-pocket costs resulting from the business’s or venue’s negligent security. 
  • Receipts and Account Statements – Receipts or account statements showing payments for prescriptions, medical supplies, and other purchases will help to document the full costs of the incident as well.
  • Employment Records – If you have missed work as a result of the incident, your employment records will be key evidence in support of your claim for full compensation. 
  • Documentation of Your Non-Financial Losses – Moving forward, you should also do your best to document your non-financial losses. Take photos and videos to document your injuries’ effects throughout the recovery process, and take notes to record your daily pain levels and your injuries’ other consequences.  

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