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Chicago Drivers Benefit from Learning Driver Safety By the Numbers

September 22, 2014

Brushing up on driver safety facts and tips is smart for any motorist. Recently, the Weather Channel published an innovative article that helps motorists learn some basic driving safety facts so they can be more informed about road dangers. It is called Driving Safety by the Numbers.

When drivers don’t follow safety rules, they could hurt themselves or others. An Oak Park personal injury lawyer can explain the laws that apply to motor vehicle collisions and can help accident victims obtain compensation after an accident.

Safe Driving by the Numbers included the following numbers that drivers need to know:

  • 20. A drowsy driving study suggests that taking a 20-minute nap at a rest stop can make a motorist much more alert if he finds himself dozing off behind the wheel. The caffeine equivalent of two cups of coffee can also increase alertness and potentially save lives.
  • 19. This number refers to the percent of fatalities related to young drivers in 2007. Young drivers under 20 made up just six percent of licensed drivers even though they accounted for 19 percent of motor vehicle collision fatalities.
  • 18. This number refers to the fact that 18 percent of all injury-causing crashes result from distracted driving.
  • 17. This number refers to the 17 digit VIN number of your vehicle. You should look up the VIN before you buy a used car so you can learn about the vehicle’s history.
  • 16. This number refers to the percent of distracted driving crashes in which the drivers involved were age 20 or younger.
  • 15. This refers to the 15 percent of drivers in Spain who have sent text messages while operating their vehicles.
  • 14. This number refers to the dangerous tailgating score in the state of Florida.
  • 13. This refers to the fact that 13 percent of drivers of minivans tailgate, compared with 21.5 percent of sports car drivers who follow too closely behind other vehicles.
  • 12. This number refers to the percentage of women who have fallen asleep behind the wheel. By contrast, 22 percent of men have dozed off.
  • 11. This refers to the number of teenagers who died each day in the United States in 2008 as a result of texting and driving.
  • 10. This refers to the number of dollars that is the lowest possible fine for violating laws on child passenger safety seats.
  • Nine. This number references the nine people who lose their lives in the United States on a daily basis because of distracted driving.
  • Eight. This refers to the number of states that require children who are eight years old and under to wear child safety restraints.
  • Seven. This number refers to 7:00 a.m., which is the most dangerous time of the day for drowsy drivers who are between the ages of 45 and 47.
  • Six. This refers to the percentage of senior drivers who tailgate.
  • Five. This number refers to the average number of seconds that it can take a driver to respond to a text.
  • Four. The number four refers to the fact that one out of every four teenagers responds to a text while driving a vehicle.
  • Three. This number refers to the amount of space (in seconds) that you should leave between your car and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Two. This refers to the two percent of national accidents that are attributed to drowsy driving.
  • One. This number refers to the fact that the new self-driving cars made by Google gather one gigabyte of surrounding sensor data every second.

Drivers who know these numbers can make more informed choices behind the wheel because they are more aware of the risks.

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