Chicago Personal Injury Law Firm Coplan + Crane Comments on Pedestrian Accident Prevention in Illinois

Chicago Personal Injury Law Firm Coplan + Crane Comments on Pedestrian Accident Prevention in Illinois

August 10, 2015

In the wake of several accidents involving pedestrians struck by motorcycles, cars and trucks in the Chicago metro area, the attorneys at the Chicago law firm Coplan + Crane stressed the importance of driver awareness and following traffic signals in preventing accidents involving pedestrians across the Chicagoland area.

Attorney Gregory F. Coplan, founding attorney at Coplan + Crane, based his comments on a July 24 NBC Chicago article, “4 Pedestrians Hospitalized in 2 Separate Downtown Des Plaines Accidents.”  Coplan said that while many pedestrians and bicyclists obey traffic laws, a split second of inattention from the driver of a larger vehicle can instantly result in injury.

“Streets in the Chicagoland area have proven to be dangerous to walkers, joggers and bicyclists this summer,” Coplan said.  “The combination of more people being active outside, and more drivers on the road, increases accident risks for all those involved.  For that reason, it’s critical that drivers and pedestrians alike follow Illinois traffic laws and take steps to safely share the road with each other.”

According to NBC Chicago, a pair of accidents occurred in Des Plaines that injured four people, including two pedestrians and two bicyclists, in late July.  Both accidents occurred in the same spot, and three out of four accident victims were taken to the hospital, two of which were in serious condition, NBC Chicago reports.

In addition, (“Bicyclist killed after collision with motorcyclist on Northwest Side,” July 29) and the Chicago Tribune (“Steger boy loses fight for life after his bike hit by car,” July 30) have reported fatal accidents involving bicyclists and cars in the Chicago area this summer.

“While no two accidents are the same, and each demands a thorough investigation to determine the cause, there’s no doubt that these tragic accidents are a sad reminder that bicyclists and pedestrians are at risk in the area,” Coplan said.  “Our firm has seen firsthand that many of these accidents are preventable, with drivers distracted by cell phones, speeding or simply failing to obey traffic signals.  Take your time, keep your eyes on the road, and always pay attention to pedestrians and cyclists.”