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Mother of Five Killed in Mount Prospect Bicycle Accident

June 21, 2016

A mother of five was recently killed while riding her bicycle. She lived in Mount Prospect, a Chicago suburb, and was 55 years old. She was riding her bicycle at a designated crosswalk in the Mount Prospect area, according to reports from the Chicago Tribune. Both police and a friend of the victim confirmed she had activated the crossing signal, and was crossing Weller Lane in the crosswalk, close to the intersection of Central Road and Weller Lane when she was hit by a Lexus SUV.

Vehicles in the eastbound curb lane had stopped to allow the woman to pass, as required by law in a designated signal-controlled crosswalk. Unfortunately, the driver of the Lexus SUV failed to stop and hit the bicyclist. While the bicycle rider was transported to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, her injuries were severe, and she passed away.

The Lexus driver, a 56-year-old woman from Elk Grove Village, remained at the scene of the bicycle crash and was cited by police officers for failure to reduce speed in order to avoid an auto accident, and for failure to yield to a pedestrian who was in a crosswalk. Reports indicate an autopsy was expected to be performed and additional investigations are ongoing. It is possible the driver who struck the bicycle rider will face further charges.

What Happens After Fatal Bicycle Accidents 

Fatal bicycle accidents like this tragic crash are far too common. When a victim is killed in a bicycle accident, the losses may be even greater for surviving family members than if the victim had survived the accident with serious injury. Not only are medical bills incurred to treat the victim before their death, but there are also funeral expenses to pay. Family members of the victim killed in the bike accident are left without a loved one, like the five children left without their mother after the recent crash on Central Road.  Families can also be left without income if the victim who was killed was earning money to support their family.

The law allows for these losses and damages to be paid for by those responsible for the damages, just as the law allows living victims to file a personal injury claim. Family members of the deceased can pursue wrongful death claims to seek compensation after fatal bicycle accidents. Family members of victims will need to know who to sue and how to pursue a wrongful death claim.