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The Nationwide Threat to Workers’ Compensation – What You Need to Know

October 15, 2015

Two states currently allow corporations to opt out of workers’ compensation laws-Oklahoma and Texas-and more are likely to follow. While the corporations that opt out of workers’ compensation are supposed to write their own policies to handle worker-related injuries, a recent investigation by ProPublica and NPR indicates that the policies created by corporations that opt out almost all have “lower benefits, more restrictions, and virtually no independent oversight.” (Inside Corporate America’s Campaign to Ditch Workers’ Comp, Michael Grabell and Howard Berkes)

A separate investigation by NPR and ProPublica earlier this year found that the states which are not opting out are slashing workers’ compensation benefits, and denying injured workers the help they need. (The Demolition of Workers’ Comp, Michael Grabell and Howard Berkes)

As more protections and benefits are taken away, America’s workers become more and more vulnerable.

Workers’ compensation laws were enacted to protect injured workers, and it is not too late to reverse the national trend. Contact your state and local representatives today to ensure that your state is not the next state to ditch workers’ compensation laws.