Truck Safety Technology Reliance and Accident Risks: Chicago Attorneys Discuss

February 6, 2019

The trucking industry is gradually introducing safety technology previously unimagined. In fact, new safety features are coming standard in many newly-manufactured fleets. These safety features are designed with one thing in mind: preventing serious and fatal accidents. They include:  

  • Lane-departure warning systems: This feature detects when drivers veer out of their lane or off the road and sounds an alarm. 
  • Collision-avoidance alerts: This feature detects potential collisions and sounds an alarm. 
  • Rollover protection: When a tractor-trailer is about to tip over, this feature kicks in and stabilizes it.  
  • Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS): This feature includes adaptive cruise control, automatic collision avoidance, and blind spot detection. 
  • GPS fleet tracking: This feature monitors the location, speed, time in service, and direction of trucks.  
  • Dashboard cameras: When a crash occurs, dashboard cameras can capture footage and provide evidence of what the driver was doing behind the wheel. 

The consequences of safety technology reliance

“Use it or lose it” isn’t just a slogan that applies to the brain. It applies to the ability to operate a big rig on Chicago roadways. While the progress may be slow, we applaud the efforts of the trucking industry to help prevent serious truck accidents.  

However, with technology comes unintended consequences. When drivers rely too heavily on these safety features, they may neglect to use the cognitive and physical skill it takes to drive a large commercial truck. Driving a truck requires alertness and attentiveness. Some truck drivers may take their attention off the road if they feel comfortable enough with safety features.  

To make matters worse, technology can experience glitches or malfunction completely at any given moment. For example, lane-departure warning systems often fail when the lane markings are obscured by snow or debris, and collision-avoidance alerts may fail to register stopped or parked vehicles. When truck drivers aren’t fully engaged and in control of their vehicles, serious accidents can occur.  

Injured in a truck accident? Let us handle it!

If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident because of a driver’s inattentiveness, you may be eligible for compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. You should never try to handle a truck accident claim alone.  

Truck accidents can be very confusing, as they often involve multiple parties and insurance companies. Additionally, you could be up against a trucking company with enough money to hire the best attorneys they can find. You could find yourself paying for your own medical expenses and lost wages out of your own pocket.  

You need a truck accident attorney who knows how to handle these complex claims. The experienced legal team at Coplan & Crane can sort things out while you focus on recovery. Contact us today to find out how we can help.