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Five people injured after pickup truck crashes into Starbucks

February 5, 2020

According to NBC Chicago, a pickup truck recently crashed into a Starbucks in McHenry, a northwest suburb of Chicago. Police reported that the truck first slammed into a car in the drive-thru. The truck then crashed into the northeast corner of the building.

Five people sustained injuries in the crash, including the driver. Four people were taken to nearby hospitals. One was in critical condition and three others were in fair condition, according to police. The fifth victim was treated and released at the crash scene. The driver of the truck and a barista sustained the worst injuries.

“I was on scene within a few minutes and witnessed several men and women step into action in this bitter cold to save lives,” McHenry Mayor Wayne Jett said in a Facebook post. “Prayers to all of the Starbucks employees and customers who were involved. Huge thanks to all the agencies for your support in this situation.”

The driver of the pickup truck reportedly suffered a medical emergency before plowing into the Starbucks. Police didn’t cite or charge the driver.

How often do vehicle-int0-building accidents occur?

The Storefront Safety Council is an organization dedicated to ending vehicles-into-building crashes. According to the organization, there have been more than 21,000 vehicle-into-building crashes from 2014 to 2019 — more than 13,000 of which were analyzed for causes.

Vehicle-into-building crashes occur due to:

  • Operator error — 22%
  • Pedal error — 19%
  • DUI — 16%
  • Traffic accident — 10%
  • Medical event — 9%

Most vehicle-into-building crashes occur in:

  • Retail stores — 35%
  • Restaurants — 28%
  • Commercial buildings — 16%
  • Offices — 13%
  • Convenient stores — 8%

The organization urges businesses and property owners to install protective barriers around buildings to block vehicular traffic. This not only protects building occupants but can also protect pedestrians in the event that a driver jumps a curb.

Building occupants in vehicle-into-building crashes have legal options

Crashes of this nature are generally rare and happen unexpectedly. Many people feel safe inside of buildings and rarely anticipate a car careening out of control. When it happens, building occupants can sustain serious injuries from the blunt force of the crash and the shattered glass.

You have the right to take legal action if you were injured while inside a building. The Chicago attorneys at Coplan + Crane represent clients in a wide range of personal injury cases. We investigate incidents like yours, help victims get the best possible medical care, and maximize their compensation. Contact us online today to learn more.