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Commercial trucks are such a common sight in and around Rockford that we sometimes barely notice them, despite being large truck accidents. They can be seen every day on highways such as I-39 and I-90, and on city streets making deliveries. When there’s a truck accident people can be seriously injured. That’s when you need an experienced Rockford truck accident lawyer from Coplan + Crane who can fight for your rights.

Truck accident cases can be very complex, and it can take time to recover the financial compensation you deserve. Trucking companies and insurance companies will fight your claim every step of the way, because they know there’s a lot of money at stake. Our Rockford truck accident attorneys know how to handle these complex cases and get results.

Hurt in a truck crash? Get an aggressive truck accident attorney on your side

One reason that commercial vehicles can cause so much damage in a trucking accident is that they are much larger and heavier than passenger cars. Fully loaded, a tractor trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Another reason is these accidents can happen at high speeds, which increases the force of impact in a crash.

The negligence of truck drivers can cause a large accident. For example, the driver may have been speeding or driving recklessly. Some drivers may get distracted by texting or using the onboard computer. In other cases, fatigued drivers fall asleep at the wheel, and in other instances, drivers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

But trucking company negligence can also play a factor in some accidents. The company may have failed to properly maintain or repair trucks in their fleet. It may have hired a driver who was not qualified, or who had a poor safety record. Or it may have given a driver an unrealistic delivery schedule, leaving the driver feeling it was necessary to speed or drive longer than federal regulations allow.

That’s why our Rockford truck accident lawyers begin each case by investigating the crash to get all the facts. Our Rockford legal team gathers evidence – including evidence held by the trucking company, such as hours of service logs and data from the truck’s electronic control module (or “black box”). We interview witnesses and if needed, consult accident reconstruction experts and other specialists.

Experienced Rockford truck accident lawyers who get results

Truck accidents injuries and cases can be complex because there are often a lot of different parties involved, including the driver and the trucking company. The cab and the trailer may also be owned separately, and another company may have loaded the cargo. Each may have different attorneys and different insurance companies. And a settlement with one party can affect legal action against another.

Our Rockford truck accident attorneys know how to handle complicated cases, and have a record of results to prove it. We will hold negligent parties accountable and are determined to help you get the compensation you deserve. When insurance companies see how much work we have put into a case and realize we are prepared to fight for you in court, they often agree to enter settlement negotiations.

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident in Rockford, it’s important to consult an experienced attorney as soon as possible. There is a statute of limitations in Illinois that gives you two years in which to take legal action, and building cases takes time. It’s also important to gather evidence before it is lost or destroyed, and to talk to witnesses before their memories about the accident fade.

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