Injured airport employees often eligible for workers’ compensation

June 21, 2017

Injured airport employees often eligible for workers’ compensation Chicago workplace injury attorneys discuss how system works

Chicago has two major airports – O’Hare International Airport and Midway International Airport. Millions of people use both airports every year. And every day, thousands of employees work at both facilities doing a wide range of jobs.

Unfortunately, workers employed by both airports, the airlines that fly there and many other companies sometimes suffer serious workplace injuries. From slip and fall accidents in airport terminals to back injuries sustained by baggage handlers, airport employees’ health and welfare can be seriously affected by a severe injury.

When workers sustain a serious injury at an airport, many do not fully understand all their legal rights. Most injured workers might think their only option is to contact their employer and report their workplace injury. Others might think they will automatically receive workers’ compensation if they get hurt on the job.

Why Airport Injuries Are Often Complicated

But airport injuries can often be much more complicated. That’s because so many different companies operate in the same facility at the same time. As a result, injured airport workers may be able to file a third-party workplace accident claim.

These types of claims involve accidents caused by someone working for another company. An airline employee, for example, might trip and fall due to water left on the floor in a terminal by a custodian working for a private contractor hired by the airport to clean the facility.

And even if an airport employee’s injury was caused by a co-worker, the worker’s employer could still be held responsible for the injury depending on the circumstances of its occurrence. If an employee suffers a serious injury which could have been prevented due to additional safety measures or training, that company could potentially be held liable for such injuries.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation In Illinois

For most injured Chicago airport workers, workers’ compensation serves as the safety net they rely on to meet their financial needs. But many people might not understand what is workers’ compensation or how it works in Illinois.

In general, if you’re hurt at work in Illinois, you should be eligible to receive workers’ compensation, regardless of who was at fault. Most injured workers choose to receive weekly workers’ compensation benefits as long as they’re injured.

But other workers sometimes choose to receive a lump sum payment for their total or partial disability. How much money injured workers receive also depends on whether their injury is classified as temporary or permanent disability.

Important deadlines also exist for applying for workers’ compensation in Illinois. And if injured airport workers miss these deadlines, they could miss out on their opportunity to receive the money they rightfully deserve.

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