Truck Cameras Watch More Than The Road

June 28, 2017

Monitoring drivers may help prevent accidents

The recent outcry for video monitoring of police on the job has led to other industries, such as trucking companies, to respond in kind to safety concerns. Truck accidents have been on the rise, and they are often fatal. Underride accidents, jackknifing, and rollover accidents are only three of the hazards a speeding or otherwise negligent truck driver can pose on the road that we are supposed to safely share. But trucking companies are quick to defend their drivers and shirk responsibility for their errors. Did anyone see the driver fall asleep?

In over 400,0000 trucks across North America, the answer is yes. Cameras have been installed in trucks in an effort to prevent truck accidents. Drivers often make errors; with proper monitoring, they can not only be held accountable for accidents, but also (under safe conditions) have their errors corrected. The lawyers at Coplan & Crane know how devastating accidents can be, and how important prevention is. Cameras are just one step towards safer roads and highways.

Behaviors of Negligent Drivers

All too often, drivers are less than responsible with their cargo, and with their job duties. Truckers must drive great distances, often on highways, in order to meet tight deadlines. They often take shortcuts to shave off as much time as possible. Some of these “shortcuts,” however, can easily lead to accidents. They include:

  • Skipping mandatory rest breaks
  • Relying on illegal substances or excess caffeine to keep awake, often resulting in speeding
  • Texting
  • Eating or drinking
  • Grooming
  • Falling asleep at the wheel

With the use of cameras, these behaviors can easily be caught and nipped in the bud. If truckers and their supervisors aren’t aware of a mistake in their driving habits, how can it be corrected? That correction may be the difference between an accident and a safe arrival.

The impact of cameras

While some truckers are opposed to installing cameras, citing it as an “invasion of privacy”, some companies have already seen a decrease in “triggering events” for accidents, such as following too closely or slamming on the brakes. Another cause for concern is the cost. The cameras cost over a hundred dollars each, and then require a maintenance fee on top of that at a monthly rate. However, studies such as one performed at Virginia Tech show that cameras make a vast difference in the number of accidents that occur – and of course, most truck accidents cost well in excess of the price of a camera.

Keeping drivers safe is (and should be) a priority for trucking companies. Ensuring the safety of cargo and passengers is paramount to making a successful and safe delivery of both a shipment, and drivers back to their homes.

Hurt in a truck accident? We can help you.

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