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A World Without Auto Accident Fatalities

June 18, 2018

The Road to Zero coalition, an extension of the National Safety Council, is an organization with one goal in mind: to achieve zero road accident fatalities by 2050. In order to make this happen, law enforcement, legislators, auto manufactures and all others who play a part in our road safety must work together.

So far, the coalition has a steering group of twenty different organizations including the NSC, NHTSA, FHWA and FMCSA. The coalition is optimistic about their goal. Deborah A.P. Hersman, the President and CEO of the National Security Council, believes that “getting to zero fatalities is not impossible – it just hasn’t been done yet.” 

The benefits of collaboration

The strategies of the Road to Zero Coalition are as follows:

    • Double down on what works through proven, evidence-based strategies. Focus on the measures that we know work. Seemingly simple steps like wearing a seat belt, adding traffic circles to dangerous intersections and adding more red lights have and will continue to improve the safety of our roads.
    • Advance life-saving technology in vehicles and infrastructure. Though different self-driving car systems are still in the early development stages, the coalition wants to focus energy on making more public access to these vehicles a reality. By removing human error from the equation, our roads will become safer. “Human behavior is such that only technology can override the poor choices that people make when they’re operating a vehicle.” Rose McMurray, Chief Transportation Adviser for FDR Safety, LLC. Other measures to improve safety include back-up cameras and automatic emergency brake systems.
    • Prioritize safety by adopting a safe systems approach and creating a positive safety culture. Our society can and has made many advancements in safety and health, especially in the recent decades. Not so long ago, smoking was acceptable everywhere and seat belts were not a requirement. Our society has changed for the better, and it can again.

Working to make this goal a reality

We at Coplan + Crane fully support any measure that will make our roads safer. The goal of The Road to Zero coalition is an admirable one, and we should all do what we can to help make this a reality. We must support our legislators and anyone who is trying to make our roads a safer place.

A world without auto accidents is a wonderful goal; however, that is not yet our reality. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, contact us today. We will fight to get you back on the road.